Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the backbone of most internet marketing campaigns. SEM focuses on increasing visibility in search engine results (SERPS) through the use of SEO, paid placements (such as Google Adwords, Adsense, Yahoo! Search Marketing), contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.

There are two primary factors involved in the search engine algorithms that decide the placement of your page in organic searches: "On page factors" and "Off page factors". On page factors refer to the use of content, html code, and seo to determine the relevance of your content for a search. Off page factors are optimization done outside your website such as backlinks and their anchor text. All websites I create come out of the box optimized for on page factors, but I also offer total optimization for any site looking for a traffic boost.

In addition to Search Engine Marketing, I offer services that cover the breadth of any solid internet marketing campaign such as: (click on a heading for more information)